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Karate Fitness Classes

8 years and older 24 Sessions: Tuesdays 4-5 PM Begins March 2nd, 2021 and Ends May 22nd, 2021 $240 for members of IMA Utah OR $300 for non members of IMA Utah Only 18 spots are available due to Covid restrictions *If you are interested in signing up, please talk to Shihan Marius Gilca.*
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Karate Fitness Classes

Time & Location

Mar 02, 2021, 4:00 PM – Mar 22, 2021, 5:00 PM
Main Dojo, 2258 Fort Union Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121, USA

About the event

* This is not a cardio kickboxing class. This is not a boot camp. This is not a karate class. This class follows a program with a progression. *

Gym clothes required - no karate uniforms.

These are the benefits you will see:

● Build whole body strength and conditioning

● Improve flexibility

● Improve karate performance

● Skills transfer to and other sports including skiing and snowboarding

This class is called Phase One: Build The Base. The purpose is to build whole body strength, aerobic conditioning, coordination, joint mobility, and body awareness from scratch using bodyweight exercises. Beginners to fitness and karate are encouraged to sign up. This program was written for you!

Phase One is not like any other group fitness class on the market. Phase One follows a program, it is not random, it is not composed of stand alone workouts. You need to do each workout to get better for the next one. The program begins and ends with testing of basic movements, so you'll know how much stronger and more conditioned you have become after the program is completed. This program progresses by increasing the number of repetitions, increasing the duration of timed work, decreasing the duration of timed rests, and by adding movements of increasing difficulty - all over the length of one program. In each session, you will be guided through an extensive warm up. You will be instructed in movement standards and then guided through timed and untimed circuits of varying lengths with different goals. At the end of each class, to help maintain your progress, you will be assigned short workouts (or longer if you’re motivated) to do outside of class.

Muscular failure, being out of breath, and injury is avoided. This is not a high intensity sweat session. The goal is to maintain an intensity between 5-7 out of 10 so you can recover and still do two karate classes a week. The focus is to do enough work that you improve but not work so hard that you can't get out of bed the next day. You will be encouraged to rest when necessary or push harder when you can. If you have difficulty or find this too easy then your program will be modified and/or scaled for you. This means your number of reps or the kind of exercises you do may be changed to adjust the program to your fitness level. This program was designed specifically for IMA Utah in Cottonwood Heights to promote the health and performance of its trainees. 

This class welcomes students and parents from 8 years and up whether they train in the dojo or not. We encourage you to invite some of your friends to the class.

After three months you’re in better shape, then what?

Following Phase One is a second program called Phase Two. Phase One is focused on circuits, fundamental exercises, and aerobic conditioning. Phase Two is focused on drills, movements that are more demanding of your athleticism, and anaerobic conditioning. This program is shorter than Phase One and more intense, converging into the final phase, Phase Three. This is the shortest and most intense of the phases as it is a peaking program designed to cultivate top performance from only the most serious karateka. The entire 3-Phase program from start to finish will take over six months.

To reuse the programs, you can repeat Phase One with some modifications and then run Phase Two again, also with some modifications. Once you understand how these programs work, you can run Phase One and Phase Two over and over. When you want to peak again you run Phase Three. However, to move from one phase to the next you must test in, meeting the performance standard for safety and logistical reasons. All class slots are first come first served in Phase One, then first come first served if qualified for Phase Two and so forth for Phase Three.

Final details on content and scheduling for Phase Two and Phase Three are forthcoming and dependent on student demand.

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