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White Feather


My Son has been going since he was 4, Massive improvement inn his motor skills and development of positive attitude

RUBY, 1st Kyu

I trained in  Marius'' Dojo for 10 years and it was an experience that I could  never forget. I gained confidence in myself, I made friendships, and I learned from the best shotokan instructor in the state. I competed in National level competitions and LOVED being a part of the IMA Utah Competitive Team

White Feather


By far the best Karate academy in SLC. The level of instruction is top notch. My girls have absolutely loved their experience here. They both have already participated at national competitions and wonedals and they have been training for a year only. I would recommend this dojo to anyone interested in real karate and the growth that comes with it!

White Feather


The dojo master here is AWESOME. He is highly focused on technique and building a foundation for superior athletes. He is able to teach focus and discipline through athletic performance from black belts to brand new students. I am so impressed by this facility and I am so grateful to have found it!

White Feather


“Karate has helped both of my sons tremendously. Their physical ability exceeds most children of their age. The greatest improvement is increased concentration and the ability to focus on tasks at hand. It is obvious the benefits of karate extend into all facets of their lives; from school work achievements to personal self confidence.”

White Feather


We are very pleased with the consistent effort and growth attitude at IMA of Utah. The philosophy, work ethic, and commitment to each student is exemplary.

MAX, 7th KYU

Thank you Shihan Marius for a wonderful year. I had lots of fun learning self defense and discipline. No dojo or teacher will ever replace you.

White Feather


We love Marius and his IMA dojo in Cottonwood Heights. We've attended the dojo for the past few years and he's really good with kids - knowing when to be firm and when kids just have to be wiggly. It looked intimidating in the beginning, but it's not - my son has learned an impressive amount of shotokan karate and is legitimately advancing through the belts. We like the focus and determination that's taught, as well as the sense of accomplishment the kids get. We're indeed lucky to have Marius and his dojo in our neighborhood.

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